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Web-Based Employee Performance Appraisal Software System  
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  Appraisal Smart System Key Roles (Core Appraisal Module)
Corporate System Administrator
Creates organization hierarchical structure in the system; adds Locations and Job Titles
Creates employee User Files (or bulk-imports all user profiles via a spreadsheet template)
Sets appraisal frequency (1-, 2-, 3-, 4-, 6-, or 12-monthly)
Sets user access privilege levels
Manages User ID's and Passwords
Assigns Divisional System Administrators (if needed)
Creates online Job/Role Descriptions (optional)
Creates position/role-specific Appraisal Templates
Bulk-creates appraisals for selected or all units/employees (or leaves it to managers to do for own staff)
Manages auto reminders, instant and scheduled bulk emails
Monitors the status of appraisals organization-wide
Moderates the quality of appraisals organization-wide
Extracts performance data and statistics from a range of advanced reports
Divisional System Administrators (with larger organizations)
Create/edit Divisional employee User Files
Set user access privilege levels of Divisional staff
Set up and edit Divisional appraisor teams
Monitor the status of appraisals in assigned Divisions
Moderate the quality of appraisals in assigned Divisions
Extract Divisional performance data and statistics from a range of advanced reports
  (These functions are handled by the Corporate System Administrator if size of organization does not warrant Divisional Administrators. Divisional System Administrators are only allowed to see and manage the employee and appraisal records of those units, branches, regions, or locations that were assigned to them in the system.)
Appraisors (Line Managers)
Create Appraisals (Performance Agreements) for each team member (downloaded from Appraisal Template Database, or designed from scratch). Tailor Performance Agreement for each team member as necessary
Log performance notes, for each team member, throughout the performance period
Conduct (facilitate) appraisal interviews, and enter jointly-agreed Ratings, Actual Performance Notes, and Performance Optimization Plans (POPs)
Update employee Personal Development Plans (PDPs) in conjunction with employees
Extract unit/dept performance data and statistics from a range of advanced reports
Appraisees (all levels)
View and execute own Performance Agreements
Log own performance notes throughout the performance period
Attend appraisal interview
Execute Performance Optimization Plan and newly-agreed Goals, Objectives, KPIs, and/or Competencies for next performance period
Execute/attend agreed PDP learning activities

NOTE: Appraisees are staff members at all levels, including supervisors and managers.
Appraisal Smart thus aims at all employees in the organization, irrespective of their level.

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Learning Management
Goal Management

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