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Performance Management Software System 
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Web-Based, Online Employee Performance Appraisal / Review Software System  
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Employee Performance
Software System

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A best-practice Performance Management Program has the following in place:

All-Round System Buy-in and Training

  • A Corporate Performance Management Policy specifying the WHY, WHO, WHAT, WHEN and HOW of performance management in the organization, coupled with a well-designed communication plan to get management and employee buy-in at all levels.
  • Thorough training of HR, line and staff in all aspects of system application.
  • Top management buy-in and visual support.

Key System Features

  • Performance Goals are linked to the Corporate Strategy and Goals, logically cascaded down organization units to individual level.
  • Written Performance Agreements/Plans are drawn up via one-on-one goal-setting sessions between line managers and direct reports, as early as possible at the start of a new performance year.
  • Individual Performance Agreements include performance measures that are derived from a position's job/role description, as well as relevant corporate cascaded-down goals.
  • Line managers ensure that employees have sufficient resources and tools to get the job done, and that systems, processes and policies facilitate (and not hinder) optimal performance.
  • Both line managers and their direct reports are keeping a record of the latters' performance to refer to during performance reviews.
  • Performance Agreements are adapted as and when priorities and the situation on the ground change.
  • Performance feedback (positive and/or 'negative' - constructive), and related coaching, are given to employees on an ongoing basis, so that there are no unpleasant surprises at performance review time.
  • In addition to the formal performance reviews, line managers and their direct reports should meet at least monthly (1-1) to discuss performance progress and challenges.
  • Employees are given adequate warning (at least 14 days) of performance reviews (date and time mutually agreed).
  • Performance reviews are facilitated by line managers in a way that involves the employee and asks for their input first on how they have fared on each measure and what rating they think best reflects their performance. Line managers add their own view, and facilitate agreement. Second-level line managers are brought in with disputes, and have the final say. A grievance policy and procedure exists as employee last resort when still unhappy.
  • Personal Development Plans (as a performance review output) are based on current competency shortfalls as well as new role challenges and employee career goals.
  • Performance is linked to remuneration in a way that sends a clear message to both good and poor performers. Sufficient reward differentiation is made so that top performers are lifted out materially and psychologically for their efforts.
  • Employees experience the entire process as positive, motivating and career-enhancing.

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