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A highly interactive and practical 2-day training workshop that will equip line managers with the necessary interpersonal, coaching and counseling skills to address poor employee performance and behavior, and improve their motivation and productivity.


This skills-packed workshop is aimed at all levels of management, including team leaders.


At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

1. Conduct PERFORMANCE COACHING SESSIONS with their employees whenever their work performance or behavior is not up to standard, by:

  • Following a proven performance coaching process.
  • Giving praise where progress has been shown.
  • Being assertive in giving corrective feedback where there are remaining areas for improvement.
  • Using facilitation skills in involving employees to self-appraise their own performance, and to elicit ways for improvement.
  • Understanding the three main cause categories of poor performance or behavior, in order to identify the root cause/s.
  • Understanding and utilizing 13 skills of good performance coaches.

2. Conduct a PERFORMANCE COUNSELING INTERVIEW whenever an employee's work performance or behavior falls well below standard, or is repeatedly below standard, by:

  • Understanding when stronger action than coaching is required.
  • Gathering the necessary information, and planning an appropriate counseling strategy (considering the personality of the employee).
  • Following a proven performance counseling process.
  • Being firm regarding nonnegotiable performance standards.
  • Not getting personal, but sticking to the facts, and pointing out the negative impact of unacceptable performance or behavior.
  • Ensuring the employee's commitment to an agreed plan of action (and by following up on this).
  • Retaining - and even enhancing - the employee's level of self-esteem, motivation and loyalty.
  • Understanding both the employee's and the employer's legal rights with respect to performance counseling.

3. Effectively use the following PERFORMANCE INTERVIEWING SKILLS:

  • Effective Listening:
    - Hearing vs. listening
    - Tone of voice
    - Body language (observing and projecting)
    - Poor and good listening habits
  • Responding with Empathy:
    - Difference between sympathy and empathy
    - Why, when and how to empathize
  • Facilitating through Questions:
    - Open questions
    - Closed questions
    - Probing / seeking information
    - Paraphrasing / checking understanding
    - Summarizing
    - Clarification
    - Using the "silence" technique
  • Giving Feedback:
    - The Principle of "Consequence Management" and its application
    - Why, when and how to give praise
    - Why, when and how to give criticism constructively

Important Organizational Benefits:

  • Line managers equipped to handle those difficult staff situations needing confrontation skills.

  • Performance and behavioral issues handled in a timely and professional manner before they get out of hand.

  • Line managers feeling more competent, confident, respected, and in control.
  • Improved managerial assertiveness and effectiveness.
  • A work environment where line managers and employees know exactly what is expected of one another.

  • A learning organization where mutual feedback is encouraged (and a feedback culture thus enhanced).

  • Improved two-way communication.

  • Increased use of praise and recognition - with resulting motivational benefits.

  • Continual performance improvement and increased productivity.

  • Staying on the moral and legal "high ground" when dealing with staff performance issues.

This competency-based workshop is highly practical and interactive in nature, with lots of role-playing to practise the skills learnt. It incorporates many handy tools and instruments to plan for and guide line managers through the coaching and counseling interviews.


Available as company in-house workshops only

For reservations and costing, please Contact Us

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