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Appraisal Smart covers more than the Performance Appraisal or Review - it covers Performance Management in substantial detail...
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The conducting of Performance Appraisals need not be so stressful any longer...
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State-Of-The Art Employee Performance
Appraisal Systems

When you focus on peoples' weaknesses you get a 25% decline in their performance, but when you focus on their strengths you get an increase of 37%

Online Staff Appraisal Software Tools

The Appraisal Smart Performance Review System enables you to:

  • Minimize the effort and cost of the employee performance appraisal process across your organization, and dramatically reduce paperwork.
  • Ensure that your corporate goals are achieved through the joint efforts of all your employees.
  • Motivate employees with clear and easily online-accessible goals and objectives to enhance their performance.
  • Hold people accountable for their work output, and establish a performance-based culture.
  • Enhance the content and consistency of performance appraisals organization-wide.
  • Promote manager-employee engagement and collaboration.
  • Reduce line manager reluctance and fear to conduct performance appraisals with their staff.
  • Adopt a fair employee performance management and review system that aims to retain your top performers and identify those employees who do not perform to expectation.
  • Identify individual and organizational competency strengths and weaknesses.
  • Have your finger on the pulse regarding the status of staff appraisals organization-wide at any given moment in time.
  • Have a record of all previous years' appraisals 'on tap' with the mere click of a mouse.
  • Protect yourself legally with detailed staff performance records to defend your organization against litigious ex-employees.

"Appraisal Smart is an intuitive web-based, online performance review system that really makes performance management a breeze. It’s easy to use - any Tom, Dick or Geoff could use it.

In addition, Appraisal Smart is not just a software program; Appraisal Smart the Company is creative and innovative, and their customer service is fantastic.

If you want a performance management software solution that handles your HR needs at a fraction of the cost of competitor products then you can’t go wrong with Appraisal Smart."

Geoff Dickin, Human Resources Manager
Alliance One Credit Union Ltd

"We did our first employee performance appraisals yesterday and they went great. The communication that your service offered was tremendous. The entire process was a dramatic improvement over our previous efforts. Thanks for all of the help and we look forward to working with you in the future."

Matt Kelton, Chief Operating Officer and President
Computer Renaissance

"We used a paper-based staff performance appraisal system before, which was extremely time consuming and labor intensive, Appraisal smart has reduced my operational involvement to a point where I am only needed for scheduling and signoffs.

Our company has diverse job grades and skill levels and in the past our weightings were always a bit distorted. We were able to restructure weightings to effectively reflect on performance and also easily set goals per individual. The biggest benefit to our company must be the multirater feedback. I used to struggle for days to get feedback from peers, and most of the time this would be incomplete. The comments-force feature ensures I receive feedback on all behavioral standards, which provides an holistic view to the appraisor as well as appraisee.

Apart from these benefits, I am suitably impressed with the way in which the service is managed. I am always able to contact you for support; features and improvements are added very regularly, and the availability and uptime has been terrific. Truly a very valuable investment."

Lizaan Louw, HR Manager
Space Age Technologies (Pty) Ltd

We offer a free online demonstration of the Appraisal Smart Performance Management System to anywhere in the world, and a 7-day free trial, without any obligation whatsoever.                                                                                                  Contact Us

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