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A sophisticated Online Employee Performance Appraisal Software System
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Some practical realities working with a paper-based employee appraisal system, compared to an online system such as Appraisal Smart:

Paper-Based Systems
Appraisal Smart
Appraisal Forms are handed to (if hard copy) or sent to employees by email, or they may use existing copies they have "filed" somewhere.

PROBLEM: Different versions of Appraisal Forms for the same Job Title may be "out there" among managers and staff in the organization.

Only one Appraisal Form version per position/role is available in the Template Database of the Appraisal Smart system for click-easy download by managers. Managers do not even have to select from the range of appraisal templates in the database, as the system automatically selects the relevant ones for employees, according to their specific Job Titles in their User Files.

HR can custom-design, edit and update the Appraisal Templates at any time, so managers can have the latest versions instantly, "on-tap" available.

Job Descriptions are done in MS Word or similar format.

PROBLEM: Also here, different versions for the same Job Title may be "out there".

HR can update Job/Role Descriptions at any time in Appraisal Smart, so managers AND staff have the latest versions on-tap in the system, with the mere click of a mouse (employees can only access their own Job Descriptions this way in the system, while managers can view and print out those of all their direct reports).
Monitoring the status of appraisal completion is done by contacting managers and asking them how far they have progressed with it.

PROBLEM: Time-consuming and inaccurate.
Real-time monitoring of the status of appraisal completion per Department, Location, Job Title, Manager, or the entire organization.

Auto email reminders in respect of appraisals approaching and those past their due date.
Performance record/journal notes are kept (if at all) in some electronic (typically MS Word) or handwritten format.

PROBLEM: Such notes may easily get lost, plus are difficult to sort through when needed for appraisal interviews.
Managers and staff can add performance record notes into the system at any time during the year (24/7), AND attach up to two electronic files in support of each note (e.g. emails from customers, Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, etc.).

They can view each others performance notes (if system set to enable this). Managers have the ability to hide selected notes from employees (again a system setting if required).

It is easy to "call up" and filter performance record notes during appraisal interviews (or any other time such as when preparing for appraisals). Such notes can even be made to show alongside each performance measure WITHIN Appraisal Forms, i.e. auto-sorting per their relevant measure.

A permanent record of such performance record notes are stored in the system database, to easily access for any other purpose such as poor performance tracking, disciplinary processes, etc.
Appraisal Forms are completed in writing, or using e.g. MS Word or Excel formats.

PROBLEM: These need to be gathered by HR from all managers, and then added to employee personal files - by hand or electronically - which are both extremely time-consuming, plus some forms may get lost in the process. Also time-consuming to retrieve again if necessary.
Appraisal Forms are automatically stored in the system database on completion, per employee and department.

Retrieval is easy and instant, also in respect of any number of previous years' appraisals, as Appraisal Smart has a lifetime archiving system.
Performance ratings and feedback from other managers an employee has worked with are gathered on separate, paper-based appraisal forms.

PROBLEM: This is a logistical nightmare, plus averages have to be calculated by hand or by using a spreadsheet.
The Multirater Functionality of Appraisal Smart allows online access to such forms, with the results output as averaged ratings and combined narrative feedback per measure, automatically presented on one report page - with graphs (while the ratings and feedback per individual rater can also be viewed - optional setting).
To view the contents of employee Appraisal Forms, Managers and HR have to first find the file/s where they were stored.

PROBLEM: Very time-consuming. Files (if hard copy) may even be kept at not-so-easily-accessible physical locations.
Managers can access the Appraisal Forms in an instant from the comfort of their office chairs (even from home if they have a computer there).

HR and top executives can do the same in respect of every employee in the organization - and not only Appraisal Forms, but also performance record notes, which will be impossible to do with a paper-based or other "non-online" system.
Employee performance percentages and/or rating averages need to be calculated by hand, or ratings need to be added into a spreadsheet for calculations.

PROBLEM: Potential data input and calculation errors, not to mention the amount of time to do all of this. Where are these filed?
Appraisal Smart calculates performance percentages and rating averages automatically, instantly, and error-free.
Staff performance data inputs and comparisons need to be made by using tools such as spreadsheets.

PROBLEM: The amount of time inputting these data; possible errors with inputting; limited capability to do different reports on a spreadsheet.
The powerful reporting capabilities of Appraisal Smart make this task error-free and instant, while offering a wide variety of reporting options.
Now if you start adding time (and frustration!) to doing the items in the left-hand column above (compared to those on the right), not to mention the potential for errors (and a poorer quality of results) when performing those on the left, then the choice should be very obvious. A timesaving of up to 80% is achievable by all parties involved: HR, managers and staff. Your ROI in the Appraisal Smart System will be manyfold.

The above table is not by any means a comprehensive list to point out the benefits of an online employee appraisal software system, nor does it include the range of benefits offered by our online Goal Management Module, Learning Management (L&D) Module and Smart360 System/Module.

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