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Employee Performance Management and
Appraisals Demystified


The acronym SMART is a commonly used guide to constructing a good goal or objective. The letters stand for the following words:

Aggressive yet achievable

You need to clearly understand the concept behind each word to ensure you formulate good goals/objectives.

(a) Specific to the individual and taking account of the particular role, circumstances and locality. The objectives should focus on the specific contribution the employee can make to the results required of the unit, and take into account his/her:
- knowledge; and
- ability

Specificity is a reply to the questions: "what?", "for whom?", and "by how much?"

(b) Measurable results so that it can be readily identified when they have been achieved. Success Indicators (Performance Standards or Metrics) can be of quality or quantity, and most objectives will have a combination of both. Some may be more objective and some more subjective, but they must all be assessable. The greater the subjectivity, and abstractness or ambiguity, the more difficult the assessment and evaluation of successful achievement will be.

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