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Employee Performance Management and
Appraisals Demystified


Performance Measures are any of the following:

  • Goals/Objectives
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Competencies/Values

Performance Measures need to be mutually agreed between line managers and employees, and documented onto a Performance Agreement Form, which serves as a written "contract" between them regarding WHAT needs to be done by the employee and to what STANDARD (Quantitatively and Qualitatively).

There should be anything from 5 to 15 Performance Measures per position/role, consisting of 4 to 8 critical Competencies/Values, with the balance comprising of Goals/Objectives and KPIs.

Before attempting the above process, it would be a good idea to first develop a Job/Role Description for the position through a thorough Job Analysis, as a Job/Role Description can be a major source to derive Performance Measures from.


KPAs are areas of accountability for which an employee is expected to produce results.

All jobs should have anything up to a maximum of seven KPAs which, if viewed, will tell you broadly WHAT the JOB ENTAILS (similar to "Job Functions" in the old language).

KPAs should meet the following criteria:

  • They (or their combination) should be unique to the specific position.
  • They should provide clear justification for the existence of the position.
  • They must be within the authority level of the jobholder.
  • They must be worded briefly (1-3 words).
  • Their number must be limited (not more than 7), focusing on the most important job outputs.
  • Provides an answer to the question: "Where does a cluster of related job activities lead to?".

Examples of KPAs:

  • Office Administration
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • System Security
  • Loss Control
  • Customer Support/Service
  • Account Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Purchasing
  • Network Operations
  • Network Installation
  • Self-Development

Add for line managers:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Financial Management
  • Operational Planning, Organizing and Control

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