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Employee Performance Appraisal Software System, Online Web-Based Performance Appraisal/Review Software
Web-Based Employee Performance Appraisal Software System  
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Appraisal Smart covers more than the Performance Appraisal or Review - it covers Performance Management in substantial detail...
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The conducting of Performance Appraisals need not be so stressful any longer...
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Employee Online Performance Appraisal Software
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The conducting of Performance Appraisals/Reviews is something most managers and supervisors do not look forward to.
This is mostly due to their previous bad experiences with it, either as an Appraisee, "receiving" an Appraisal, or as an Appraisor, having to "assess" staff members and dealing with differences of opinion and conflict during the Performance Appraisal.
Conducting a constructive Performance Appraisal is not easy. There are certain steps, crucial principles and "soft" skills involved that need to be mastered.
A Performance Appraisal consists of two parts:
REVIEWING PERFORMANCE: A "backward" look at how well previously set Goals, Objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were achieved, and specified Competencies demonstrated - and the factors that affected their achievement.
PLANNING PERFORMANCE: A "forward" look at new Goals/Objectives/KPIs to be achieved during the next performance period.
Stages of the Performance Appraisal
Three STAGES are involved:
STAGE 1: Preparing for the Appraisal
STAGE 2: Conducting the Appraisal (FIVE Steps)
STAGE 3: Following Up
The process of conducting Performance Appraisals/Reviews that we subscribe to is aligned with the latest thinking on the topic, including the role of the line manager as "facilitator" during the appraisal interview, as well as the participative nature of productive appraisals.
The Appraisal Smart online Performance Appraisal Software technology reduces the subjective nature of Performance Reviews significantly, leading to more constructive and productive interviews - interviews that both Appraisee and Appraisor can even look forward to.


How to conduct a successful performance appraisal interview

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