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Client Technical Requirements
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Feedback System


Thinking outside the box with our world-first
CONTEXT-TARGETED 360-Degree Feedback Software Technology.

Due to its unique design, the Smart360 System offers an unparalleled opportunity for employees to obtain targeted and high-quality feedback from Peers, Direct Reports, Managers and Customers (internal and/or external), with a view to improved working relationships, team synergy, personal development, job performance, and customer service.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Smart360 is highly flexible, user-friendly and intuitive, with very little administrator training required.
  • It accommodates 360 appraisals/reviews for ALL your employee levels, and not just managers (as is frequently the practice).
  • Create an unlimited number of 360 questionnaires for different purposes and target groups.
  • Use our (customizable) question/competency sets and rating scales, or add and use your own.
  • Set rating to be done at the competency level OR the behavioral indicator level.
  • Internal employees AND external parties (such as external customers, suppliers, etc.) can be involved as raters.
  • All 360 raters (internal and external) receive a system-generated email containing an embedded hyperlink that opens the 360 questionnaire directly (no need to log into any system).
  • Easy monitoring of rater response progress—presented in real-time, online.
  • The system keeps a permanent record of employee 360 appraisals in a click-accessible database, so improvement progress can be tracked over time.
  • Five report types are generated: (1) Tabular (2) Graphical (incl. Gap Analysis) (3) Narrative (4) Aggregate, and (5) Trend Analysis. The advanced Narrative Feedback Report is another key differentiator of Smart360, as rater WRITTEN feedback is much more valuable than just indicating rating gaps between raters and appraisees (feedback recipients). What does a rating gap of, say 2, mean, unless raters can provide narrative feedback explaining the reason/s for their lower rating?
  • Smart360 does not just focus on DEVELOPMENT NEEDS, it also asks raters to give narrative feedback to 360 appraisees on their STRENGTHS as well (per competency), so as to provide balanced feedback, and to encourage and tell appraisees what they should keep on doing (this is another important differentiator of Smart360).
  • Smart360 is a web-based (Software-as-a-Service / Cloud) 360-degree feedback system, built upon the latest Microsoft ASP.NET platform, but it can also be installed on your own server/intranet.

How does Smart360 differ from other 360-Degree Feedback Systems?

Most 360-degree feedback systems use the same set of around 25 to 100 questions for ALL Rater Groups (e.g. Manager/s, Peers, Direct Reports, Customers). The problem with that is that from each Rater Group's unique perspective (context), a certain portion/percentage of these questions will not be relevant, e.g. how well can a PEER answer questions about customer service (especially external customer service), or a CUSTOMER about teamwork?

Most systems try to overcome this problem by using very generic questions or competencies—to fit all Rater Groups—but with potentially equally generic and bland results.

The context-targeted technology of Smart360 enables highly targeted sets of questions/competencies for each individual Rater Group—covering its unique working relationship with the 360 appraisee. These Rater Groups can include, among others:

  • PEERS: Questions about teamwork (and related).
  • CUSTOMERS: Questions about customer service (and related).
  • MANAGER/S: Questions about the employee's job competency and behavior.
  • DIRECT REPORTS: Questions about the manager's management style and practices.

This leads to dramatically more useful and actionable feedback for the feedback recipient, with resultant hugely enhanced behavior and performance improvement.

Smart360 allows 20+ raters (no upper limit) per 360 appraisal. Below is an example of how these can be distributed in practice:

  • Peer feedback: 3 to 10 raters
  • Direct Report feedback: 3 to 10 raters
  • Line Manager feedback: 1 to 5 raters
  • Customer feedback: 3 to 20 raters

Educational Institutions:

  • Student feedback: 5 to 50 raters (questions about classroom presentation, student relations, etc.)
  • Peer feedback: 3 to 10 raters
  • Principal/Dean & Department Head/s feedback: 1 to 10 raters

(The above are examples only, as any number of raters per Rater Group and 360 can be assigned)

The number and types of Rater Groups will depend on who you want feedback from, and can therefore be different combinations for your 360 appraisees.

Also consider this: because of their context-targeted focus, fewer questions need to be asked per Rater Group, minimizing rater resistance to complete their 360 questionnaires.

NOTE: Smart360 is unique in respect of its context-targeted technology, but it also provides the standard 360 option of ONE set of questions or competencies for all Rater Groups.

Download PDF Brochure

Self-Service Implementation Options
  • Smart360 can either be a stand-alone system or an optional module to the core Appraisal Smart performance review system.
  • It is provided online as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) / Cloud service - so no software to download - or it can be installed on your own server (intranet option).

360 Bureau Service

In addition to the Self-Service options (mentioned above) where you need to manage the creation and administration of your employee 360 feedback appraisals yourself, we have a Bureau Service whereby we will do everything on your behalf, benefiting you as follows:
  • Minimum human resources and time required.
  • Potentially more frank and honest feedback from 360 raters—as an independent, external administrator is used.

With the Bureau Service, you send us the details of 360 appraisees and raters, and we will:

  • Load them into the Smart360 online database;
  • Set up 360 questionnaires (as customized in collaboration with you);
  • Send out the rater email notifications with embedded questionnaire hyperlinks;
  • Send email reminders if questionnaires are not completed by the due date;
  • Provide you with logon details so the 360 feedback reports can be viewed online (and printed out or exported to PDF/Excel/Word) by the respective parties (e.g. HR, line managers and/or 360 appraisees - as you prefer).

This service can be extended by us also doing the analysis of the 360 rater feedback, and compiling it into a written report, with particular emphasis on the key Strengths and Development Needs of the 360 appraisee.

"The Smart360 system is FABULOUS! It was very easy to use. I loved how the raters did not need any training to access the questionnaires. Loved the reporting options (narrative, tabular, graphical)!!"
                                                                                   Elise Bouchner
                                                                                   The Training Source, LLC

To request an online demo of Smart360, please contact us

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HR Consultants

Are you potentially interested in marketing Smart360 or offering it as a 360 Bureau Service?

We are able to create a dedicated Smart360 System for you, with your own branding (logo and corporate colors).

For more details, please contact us

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